Commercial or non-profit businesses that engage in food preparation can receive a free spray valve. Must be a Columbia Gas of Ohio customer and use a natural gas water heater. Please call 1-844-401-9731 or email to find out more. 

Spray Nozzle Description: This commercial pre-rinse spray value uses a focused spray of water to remove food waste from dishes prior to cleaning in a dishwasher, being one of the most cost effective ways food service establishments can not only reduce water usage, but water heating and sewerage costs as well. Conventional pre-rinse spray valves us from 2 to 6 gallons of water per minute, compared to this model that uses 1.1 gpm. This pre-rinse spray valve consists of a stainless steel spray nozzle, a squeeze lever that controls the water flow, and a dish guard bumper. The body is solid brass, triple chrome plated. Connects to 3/4" flexible hose.