Near East

Help the Near East receive up to $35,000 in grants from AEP Ohio and Columbia Gas to be used to help make our community spaces more energy efficient!

The Community Energy Savers (CES) program is designed to empower homeowners, renters and businesses to reduce energy usage in their community. By participating in CES, as a Near East community member, you not only have the opportunity to save energy and money in your homes and businesses, but you can also help the Near East receive financial grants up to $35,000 from AEP Ohio and Columbia Gas of Ohio. These awards will be used for a new produce refrigerator at the Ward YMCA as well as to add electricity at the 4 PACT community gardens, along with additional natural gas energy efficiency upgrades within the neighborhood.  

Participate in available energy efficiency programs provided by AEP Ohio and Columbia Gas between June 1st and September 30th, 2020 in order to help us earn up to $35,000 in grants.

AEP Ohio and Columbia Gas energy efficiency programs are available to all customers with an AEP Ohio electric account or a Columbia Gas of Ohio natural gas account and are available all-year round!*

NOTE: Energy Advocates will never ask to see your bill or account information. Energy Advocates are available to assist in navigating the AEP Ohio IT’S YOUR POWER app.

Near East Advocate: Adrienne Baskins (614) 256-9957. 

How Do I Participate: 

Choose one or more energy efficiency programs from the list below and start saving now! Select “Find out more” below to visit AEP Ohio or Columbia Gas websites for full details on the programs.

Near East Residential Programs

  • AEP OHIO - IT'S YOUR POWER APP (1 point)

    IT’S YOUR POWER is a free app provided by AEP Ohio. To download, search for IT’S YOUR POWER in your app store. Once you’ve downloaded the app, enter your username and password to sync with your AEP Ohio account. The app will then begin to populate with data from your home’s smart meter.

    Check the app daily for updated reports, trends in your home’s energy use and suggestions for lowering your usage based on these trends.

  • AEP OHIO - Rebates For Your Home (1 Point)

    Receive a cash-back rebate for purchasing a qualifying ENERGY STAR® certified appliances, such as dehumidifier ($25), clothes washer ($50), air purifier ($50), refrigerator ($50), or qualified electric heat pump water heater ($500). You can submit your rebate form online or by mail. Call 1-866-997-3578 for more information.

  • COLUMBIA GAS - Warmchoice (R) (3 points)

    Whole house energy inspection and services at no cost to income eligible homeowners and renters. Services may include attic and wall insulation, air sealing, safety checks on natural gas appliances, natural gas furnace repair or replacement, and natural gas water heater repair or replacement. All at no cost! Call 614-621-1171 for more information and to apply. Click HERE for the on-line WarmChoice program application.