Linden - Ended July 15, 2019.

The Community Energy Savers (CES) program is designed to empower residents and businesses to reduce energy usage in their community. By participating in CES, as a Linden community member, you not only saved energy and money in your homes and businesses, but you also helped Linden receive grants from AEP Ohio and Columbia Gas of Ohio, for a combined amount up to $35,000! These awards will be used to fund improved exterior lighting at the Hamilton STEM Academy playground and water heater upgrades at Como Elementary School, Duxberry Park Elementary School, Hamilton STEM Academy, and Windsor STEM Academy. 

Linden had a goal of 540 participation points for AEP Ohio programs and 168 points for Columbia Gas programs which was reached by residents and businesses participating in AEP Ohio's and Columbia Gas’s energy efficiency programs. Participation toward the goal was counted between March 15th and July 15th, 2019.

AEP Ohio and Columbia Gas energy efficiency programs are available to all customers with an AEP Ohio electric account or a Columbia Gas of Ohio natural gas account and are available all-year round!

How Do I Participate: 

Choose one or more energy efficiency programs from the list below and start saving now! Select “Find out more” to visit AEP Ohio or Columbia Gas websites for full details on the programs.

Linden Residential Programs

Linden Business Programs